Twig (plantgirl) wrote in clubbook,

reminder - read Rebecca :)

Ho there, fellow readers!

I hope you all are well?

I picked up a copy of Rebecca yesterday, while visiting a friendly, locally owned, bookstore. Thought it might be a good idea to remind y'all that that's what we're reading this month. No date is set yet for discussion, so you have some flex time, but if you haven't already gotten a copy of the book it's a good time to remedy that!


ps - if I finish it quickly enough, I'm willing to lend my copy to someone, but it should also be available at your local library.

pps - joyce & I are aware that the discussion for Kafka on the Shore never got off the ground. Our fault -neither of us had finished reading the book. We're also aware that some of you really wanted to read that book but that the timing was bad due to whatever else was going on in your lives. One possibility J & I have discussed is making Kafka our book for October or November. Does that appeal to anyone?
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