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[admin] an official announcement

Dearest fellow readers,

This is the formal announcement that joyce & I are, in fact, taking a break from the book club.


Participation has been low, which limits conversation, which makes things less interesting, which lowers participation. This is obviously something of a downward spiral. If people were clamoring to participate, joyce or I would find the motivation to read & post & keep things going. However, you're busy, we're busy, school is in session, people are traveling for work, the holiday season will soon be upon us, etc. So things here at clubbook are on hiatus until January.

If you'd like to chat about books between now and then, we'd love to see you at stackofbooks. Things there are pretty casual, but if you post something you will almost always get a couple of responses. You're welcome to tell us about what you're reading, ask for recommendations, announce a new release, or discuss anything about reading that catches your fancy!

I hope you all are well,
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