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Book update.  It's been a busy month or two, so my reading has slowed down. In April I spent time in three states besides my own, and continued the uphill battle to graduate.  The semester ends a week from yesterday, so hopefully I will have more brain space available for reading soon.  In the meantime, what fluff have I been enjoying?

54.    Hot Stuff by Janet Evanovich & Leanne Banks (4/22/2007, 281 pages). Cute, silly.  Sheer fluff. I am trying hard to remember what it was about, and I think there is a girl and a dog and some bad guys.  That should give you everything you need, since it's very genrerific (slapstick romance).

55.    Don’t Look Down  by Jennifer Crusie & Bob Mayer (4/25/2007, 349 pages).  Well written, engaging, but not heavy in any way.  Perfect airplane reading, which is why I bought it in the Detroit airport.

56.    Dime Store Magic  by Kelley Armstrong (4/28/2007, 414 pages). Very good  - I read it out of order though, not realizing that Armstrong's two series (one about a werewolf named Elena and this 'Women of the Underworld'  series) intersect, with action in one affecting the other.  I liked the characters, even those who should have been difficult to relate to, and look forward to reading the next one.

57.    Expecting Adam  by Martha Beck (5/5/2007, 328 pages). Sweet, loving, not really my style.  I much preferred Leaving the Saints, and hope that this book was therapeutic for her to write.   Her prose remains beautiful and her analysis of her own throught processes interesting, but this book didn't really speak to me.

New page total: 57 books, 18,630 pages.
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